Summit Speakers

Cybersecurity Readiness in Fourth Industrial Revolution

<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=18&ID=385' >Dr. Salim Sultan Al-Ruzaiqi</a>

Dr. Salim Sultan Al-Ruzaiqi

Chief Executive Officer, Information Technical Authority (ITA) Oman
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=18&ID=378' >Eng. Badar Alsalehi</a>

Eng. Badar Alsalehi

Director General – Oman National CERT & Head of ITU Arab Regional Cyber Security Center, Oman
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=18&ID=384' >Eng. Ebrahim Alhaddad</a>

Eng. Ebrahim Alhaddad

Regional Director, Arab Regional Office, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=18&ID=386' >Mr. Marco OBISO</a>

Mr. Marco OBISO

Head, ICT Applications and Cybersecurity Division International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=18&ID=392' >Dr. Henry J Pearson </a>

Dr. Henry J Pearson

UK Cyber Security Ambassador, Department for International Trade (DIT)
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=18&ID=391' >General Tan Sri Mohd Azumi bin Mohamed (Rtd)</a>

General Tan Sri Mohd Azumi bin Mohamed (Rtd)

Chairman of the Board of Directors CyberSecurity Malaysia

<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=18&ID=389' >Mr. Nasser Saif Al Rayhi</a>

Mr. Nasser Saif Al Rayhi

Acting head of aeCERT
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=18&ID=393' >Mr. Tonu Tammer</a>

Mr. Tonu Tammer

Executive Director, CERT-EE
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=18&ID=394' >Mr. Sunil Sharma</a>

Mr. Sunil Sharma

Chief Cybersecurity Officer, NSSG