Summit Speakers

Cybersecurity Readiness in Fourth Industrial Revolution

<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=20&ID=377' >Mrs. Aziza Al Rashdi</a>

Mrs. Aziza Al Rashdi

Director of Cybersecurity Professional Services, Oman National CERT, Oman
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=20&ID=381' >Dr. Nadher Al-Safwani</a>

Dr. Nadher Al-Safwani

Cybersecurity Consultant, ITU Arab Regional Cybersecurity Center-Oman
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=20&ID=382' >Eng. Waleed Zakarya</a>

Eng. Waleed Zakarya

Executive Director,EG CERT, Egypt
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=20&ID=383' >Mr. Hamid Sediq</a>

Mr. Hamid Sediq

Manager, Qatar CERT, Qatar
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=20&ID=388' >Mr. Nasser Saif Al Rayhi</a>

Mr. Nasser Saif Al Rayhi

Acting head of aeCERT
<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=20&ID=413' >Eng. Laialy Abdullah AlMansoury</a>

Eng. Laialy Abdullah AlMansoury

Director of Information Security and Emergency Response , CITRA Kuwait

<a href='module.php?module=speakers-showpage&CatID=20&ID=423' >Ms. Iman Mahmoud Odeh </a>

Ms. Iman Mahmoud Odeh

Senior Business Development Arab Regional Cybersecurity Center(ARCC)