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Cybersecurity Readiness in Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Eng. Haitham Hilal Al Hajri

Executive- Cyber Security Specialist, Oman National CERT

Eng. Haitham Hilal Al Hajri

Haitham Hilal AL Hajri is an Executive- Cyber Security Specialist at Information Technology Authority - Oman National CERT, within the Cyber professional Services Division at O.CERT Haitham AL Hajri Core education background has resulted on achieving the master’s Degree of Digital Forensics Laboratories award, in addition to a cluster of professional and specialized certifications within the IT Security field such as certified Data Recovery and certified Computer Forensics examiner along with double major bachelor of computer security and internetworking technologies, Haitham has participated in many projects in Australia and developed and presented in many conferences, nationally and internationally. Areas of interest are forensics methodologies & regulations in enhancing cyber security from threats such as hacking and various intrusion techniques and the manipulation associated with hiding evidence especially utilizing anti-forensics and anti-recovery techniques. Haitham currently is focusing on providing training & support to the IT SEC Governance, within Government Departments & National Infrastructure. Haitham have been involved in planning and the implementation of a variety of IT & Cyber Security Campaigns. Areas of interest are Cyber Crimes, Hacktivism and Digital Investigations. Currently Haitham is conducting a PhD study highlighting the importance and criticality of cyber security capacity building within critical infrastructure organization, and the effectiveness of promoting and formation of cyber security culture, among the staff and employees to reduce cyber security persistent threats. Hence Haitham is focusing on provide specialized Information Security Courses to many Education institutes within Oman, also part time Training and consultancy in the area of Information Security and digital forensics.