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Cybersecurity Readiness in Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Prof. Nabil Sahli

General Director of Universitary Scholarship, Naval Academy, Tunisia

Prof. Nabil Sahli

Professor Nabil SAHLI is professor in computer Science. He is the General Director of academic studies at the Navy Academy and Chief of the Research Unit “Security of Critical Systems”, specialized in technics of protection of critical systems, sponsored by the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Scientific research and high education, and senior consultant at the National Agency for Computer Security(ANSI)

He was the first CEO of the National Agency for Computer Security (ANSI, “Agence Nationale de Sécurité Informatique,” TUNISIA) and Chief (founder) of the National CERT “TunCERT” (from 2004 to 2007), and General Director of the national Unit, in charge of developing national cybersecurity (UO-PDSI, from 2002 to 2004).

He was also the Founder and CTO of a Research and Development company (Biodata Carthago), a subsidiary of an International company (Biodata IT AG, based in Germany), specialized in the development of security tools (PC and Distributed Firewalls), from 1999 to 2002.

As main consultancy positions, he was President of the National workgroup, in charge of defining the National strategy in Cyber-security 2015-2020; and Senior Advisor of the Minister of Public Health, in ICT (2008 -2010); Senior Advisor of the Minister of ICT (2002 -2007), and Consultant of the Secretary of State of Informatics (1997-1999).

Prof Nabil SAHLI, is the first “Fellows member” of the OICCERT, the forum of CERTs of the OIC countries, and member of the “council of elders” of AfricaCERT, the forum of African CERTs.