Summit Speakers

Cybersecurity Readiness in Fourth Industrial Revolution

Mr. Sebastian Madden

PGI’s Group Director for Cyber and Technology

Mr. Sebastian Madden

Sebastian Madden is PGI’s Group Director for Cyber and Technology. He leads PGI’s work to build and strengthen governments’ cyber capacity and capability. This includes work with a GCC government’s national cyber security unit to improve critical infrastructure protection; work with British police and specialist operations units to develop a national police cyber training programme; work in the GCC to improve judges and prosecutors’ understanding of cyber crime and cyber security; and work with senior law enforcement officials from Southern and Eastern African countries on regional cyber structures.

Sebastian is a former British Senior Civil Servant who brings nearly 20 years of experience working with Government and corporate clients to develop cyber strategies. He started his career at GCHQ before serving as a senior civil servant in the Cabinet Office. As Programme Director for the Civil Contingencies Secretariat and then Chief of Staff to the UK’s National Security Adviser, he worked to develop and strengthen the UK’s ability to prevent, contain and respond to cyber-attacks. He has advised a number of UK Government departments concerned with national security and law enforcement on resourcing and structuring their cyber operations, research and supply base. He co-authored the report on national cyber strategy which was jointly commissioned by the UK government and industry and led to the establishment of the Cyber Growth Partnership and the Cyber Information Sharing Partnership.