Summit Speakers

Cybersecurity Readiness in Fourth Industrial Revolution

Mr. Haythem El Mir

Cybersecurity consultant

Mr. Haythem El Mir

Haythem El Mir is a seasoned Information security professional with more than 12 years of diverse experience in improving all aspects of information security. Mr. EL MIR has provided information security consulting services and managed cybersecurity projects for the Tunisian government and private sector. He is one the founders of the National Agency for computer Security of Tunisia (NACS) and the Tunisian Computer Emergency Response Team (tunCERT) where he started as an IT security engineer in 2002 to be the Chief Technology Officer since 2008 until 2012.

During all this period, Mr. EL MIR managed government security projects (e-government, e-administration, e-Justice, etc.). He played the key role for setting-up the incident response team and the forensics team within the Tunisian CERT, he was also in charge of the Tunisian Cyber Early Warning System and the National Response Plan as the main coordinator to fight cyber-attacks in Tunisia. Mr. EL MIR was also in charge of the government security framework project where he designed and built a global information security management system.  In addition, he was mandated to provide consultancy for Tunisian companies in term of security architecture design, risk analysis, vulnerability assessment, and technology watch for ministries, banks, telecom operators, industries, etc.

Mr. EL MIR has been involved into the regional information security assistance, by helping African countries to develop their own cybersecurity capacities; he provided training and consultancy around cybersecurity strategy and ways to set-up an incident response team at the national level. He participated into many regional and international conferences around these main topics. In Africa, he was helping to set-up CERTs in countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, etc.

Since 2012, Mr. EL MIR joined Positive Technologies, an international security company, as a Technical Manager on MENA Region to develop technical and R&D activities around vulnerability and compliance management, web security, SCADA security, core telecom security, etc.
Finally, Mr. EL MIR was a member of the National Committee on Cyber Crime in Tunisia (2013) and member of the National Cybersecurity Strategy Committee (2014). He was also a board member of the Tunisia Association of Security Professional and Internet Society,he’s also board member of the Tunisian Chapter of OWASP and the initiator of the Tunisian Chapter of Cloud Security Alliance. He’s certified CISSP since 2008.