Mr. Ayed Al Qartah

Consulting Systems Engineer

Currently working within the Global Security Sales Organization (GSSO) at Cisco as a Consulting Systems Engineer. In this role, Ayed works with many customers in all verticals where he provides architectural, design, and implementation recommendations to solve many cybersecurity challenges. His experience includes working closely with customers advising them on technical security practices, secure network architectures, and advanced threat mitigation strategies. He possesses a heavy focus on advanced persistent threats, malware, forensics, sandboxing, incident response capabilities and actively stays abreast of developing tactics employed by threat actors. Ayed has more than ten years working with large enterprise networks, banks, government, defense and energy customers in the Middle East. Prior to joining Cisco, he spent four years with FireEye META as a Senior Systems Engineer where he designed cyber solutions to mitigate zero-day malware and APT attacks. At FireEye, Ayed was a member of the "Detection & Intelligence" community of excellence where he used to conduct executive level threat intel briefings, analyze cyber risk and threat Intel associated to a specific customer or industry. He is currently pursuing his Master's Degree in Cyber Security (Cyber intelligence specialization) at Utica College, New York.