Ms. Aysha Ahmed BinHaji

Director, Outreach & Awareness Directorate/ National Cybersecurity Center - Ministry of Interior/ Kingdom of Bahrain

Aysha Ahmed Bin Haji is a Cyber Security Strategist and Analyst with over 9+ years of focus in Cyber that started in Academia and transitioned to Law Enforcement with the Ministry of Interior. Ms. BinHaji has broad areas of expertise in the Cyber Sector, covering Digital Forensics, Incidence Response, Threat Intelligence and Analysis. From her hands-on work with Incidences and Gap Analysis on a National and International Level, Ms. BinHaji has been recently promoted to her new role as Director of the Awareness and Outreach Directorate, at the National Cybersecurity Center wherein her role will be in raising awareness in cybersecurity and empowering citizens with knowledge and expertise building on national capacity, and developing national and international collaboration in areas of Cybersecurity and various other efforts under her leadership that would bolsters Bahrain as an information society and a developed digital citizenship.
She is an active member of the UK – GCC Women in Cybersecurity fellowship, and also a member of NGO of the female professionals “Women In Cyber Security Middle East”. She spoke as a panelist at the Sandiego Global Cyber Summit in 2018 about the challenges in Cyber Investigations and continues research in topics such as upcoming or hidden emerging Cyber threats and challenges like “Bullet Proof Hosting” and “Cryptocurrency”.
Other important contributions; In 2019 Aysha authored “Strategic Security Visions for Cyber positioning in the Kingdom of Bahrain”, talking about the Importance of Digital Sovereignty and National Level Cyber Development Strategies to leapfrog the Kingdom of Bahrain to securing Unconventional Cyber Capabilities and a better Cyber Posture for the new Digital Kingdom. In 2021 she was mentioned in the recognition given by INTERPOL (ASEAN Cyber Capacity Development Project ) for the contribution of the published National Cybercrime Strategy Guidebook