Ms. Sara Al Kindi

Senior Cybersecurity Consultant, Petroleum Development Oman, Oman

Sara Al Kindi is the Senior Cybersecurity Consultant at Petroleum Development Oman with responsibility for ICS/OT security, Cybersecurity Strategy and Governance, Risk management, Cybersecurity internal audit and Cybersecurity awareness. She has also a solid technical skills with nine years of experience in Cyber defense & incident response, Cyber threat intelligence, vulnerability management, application security, and identity access management. Sara received Electrical and Computer Engineering BSc and MBA from Sultan Qaboos University, along with a Masters Degree in Networks and Security from the University of Kent in England. She also has industry certifications including GSEC, GCIH, CEH, ECSA, and ISO27001 Certified Internal Lead Auditor. She is motivational ty mentorship program aiming to boost her career in Cybersecurity under the supervision of Cybersecurity industry leaders. Sara is a strong believer that volunteering and being involved in the community is vital to support others shine, learn and grow in their career, she is also a member in Women in CyberSecurity MiddleEast (WiCSME) and Cybersecurity Forum for Omani Women. She is also active member in multiple Cybersecurity forums at national, regional, and international levels.