Mrs. Shadha Mohamed ALAmri

Head of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department , University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Muscat, Oman

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Worked in innovation since 2018 (~5 years). Participate in innovation award activities for Ministry of Manpower 2018. Become an HoD in 2020. Participate in competitions evaluation such as OCCI innovation award (2009), AI & IoT Oman (2021) organized by HCT, Innovate Oman (2021) organized by Oman CERT. A team lead of Intellectual Property Policy for UTAS since 2021 A member in the technical team of the national innovation platform with MOHERI since 2021. A member in Omani technical innovation preparation profile with the MTCIT with a sport from ITU – NU organization. Participate as a consultant in Strategic Issues Seminar (The Future of Investment in the Sultanate of Oman Towards A Prosperous Economy) organized by the national college of defense in 2022. Working on programs to enhance Entrepreneurship and Innovation with a focus on health sector, manufacturing, logistics and Fishery. Academic BSc in Computer Science from SQU (2005). Got MSc in Internet Computing and Network Security with distinction from Loughborough University-UK (2007). Got PhD from computer science department- Loughborough University, thesis entitled “IaaS-cloud Security Enhancement: an Intelligent Attribute Based Access Control Model and Implementation” (2017) Academic faculty in Information Technology Department. Teaching courses related to networking and information security since 2007 (15 years) and CISCO academy instructor. Networking team lead for curriculum development and member in information security team since 2011 (~ 11 years). External Examiner for MSc Program in National University-Oman since 2020 ( ~ 3 years) Research Researcher in the ICT fields since 2013 (9 years) in networking, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, information security and formal logic. Has 6 scientific publication and 3 articles in progress. Got 1st Place in research competition organized by Public Authority for Social Insurance. The research entitled “Artificial Intelligence implementations in Actuarial Science: Empirical Study for Mortality Rate forecasting” Got research grand from the MOHERI (2021 call), research project entitled “Oman Economy Enhancement Through Industrial Revolution 4.0 Technologies”