Ms. Amal Said Al Mashaykhi

Senior Cybersecurity Innovation specialist, Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology, Oman

Currently Amal works as a Senior Cybersecurity Innovation specialist in Oman National CERT in the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology. She has been part of OCERT family for 11 years, during which she worked in critical cybersecurity projects in cooperation with OCERT stakeholders, and lead Child Online Protection Programme. Besides her job duties, Amal believes in the power of youth, diversity, inclusion and volunteerism. She recognizably represented her country in initiatives and programs across the globe. From the inspiration of her very first interest on business relationship management to her volunteerism experience, she is taking the action now to reflect upon the national cybersecurity innovation collaboration initiatives. Ms. Al Mashayakhi has a Bachelor’s Degree from Sultan Qaboos University in Computer Science and Business Administration, and a Master of Arts International Relations and Security Studies.