Dr. Nadher Alsafvani

MENA Cyber Dialogue Advisor

Hails with over two decades of extensive experience in the realm of cybersecurity, Dr. Nadher emerges as a distinguished expert in the field. Presently lending his expertise to the Humanitarian Dialogue Center (HD) in Geneva, he holds the crucial role of MENA Cyber Dialogue Advisor, specializing in cyber diplomacy and mediations across the Middle East and North Africa region.
Dr. Nadher's journey encompasses diverse roles, including his tenure as a cybersecurity consultant at the ITU Arab Regional Cybersecurity Center in Oman (ITU-ARCC) and Manager Security Assurance in IMPACT (Malaysia). During his tenure, he contributed significantly to critical global initiatives under ITU and MTCIT in Oman. During his impactful time at ITU-ARCC, he led multifaceted projects and services on a global scale. These ventures spanned the establishment and evaluation of Computer Incident Response Teams (CIRT), cyber diplomacy efforts, and the enhancement of cybersecurity postures.
Dr. Nadher's responsibilities encompassed the strategic oversight of security assurance products and services tailored to strengthen information security readiness for both public sector entities and industries. Dr. Nadher's contributions have left an indelible mark on the cybersecurity landscape, as he continues to leverage his extensive experience and insights to foster international cooperation and resilience in the face of evolving digital threats.